January 27, 2023

10 Ways to Write Headlines That Grab Attention and Drive Traffic

Learn how to write headlines that drive traffic by understanding audience, being clear & concise, using numbers, emotions and testing with the help of AI

I can speak from personal experience about the value of writing headlines that draw readers in and increase traffic. A headline can make or break an article, and readers are likely to scroll past one that doesn't grab their attention.

But how do you create headlines that are distinctive and entice readers to continue reading? I'll share my best advice for creating headlines that will increase traffic and engagement in this article.

1: Understand Your Audience
  • Who are you writing for?
  • What are their interests and pain points?
  • What kind of language do they use?

The target audience must be clearly understood before you can begin writing headlines. You can create headlines that speak to your audience and capture their attention by having a thorough understanding of who they are.

Use headlines that emphasize the advantages of your product or service, for instance, if you are writing for a business audience. You might want to concentrate on the qualities or advantages of your good or service if you're writing for a consumer audience.

2: Make It Clear and Concise
  • Keep headlines no more than 10-12 words long
  • Clearly convey the main message of the article

Headlines that are too long and rambling can be annoying and confusing. Aim for headlines that sum up the article's main points succinctly in no more than 10 to 12 words.

In contrast to "Discover the Ultimate Guide to Crafting Headlines that Drive Traffic," which is too long and unclear, "5 Tips for Writing Effective Headlines" is clear and succinct.

3: Use Active Voice
  • Make headlines more engaging and action-oriented

Headlines that use the active voice are more compelling and goal-oriented. Say "Why Exercise is Essential for Your Health" rather than "The Importance of Exercise." The headline becomes more compelling and direct as a result.

The active voice is used in "10 Secrets to Achieving Success," whereas the passive voice is used in "The 10 Secrets of Success."

4: Use Numbers and Lists
  • People love lists and numbers

Numbered and list-based headlines, like "10 Ways to Boost Your Productivity" or "5 Secrets to Successful Networking," are frequently more catchy than those without. This is so that readers can easily scan numbers and lists and know what to expect from the article.

5: Be Specific
  • Provide enough information to entice readers to click through

Unspecific headlines don't give readers enough reason to click through. Be clear in your headlines and let readers know what to anticipate from the article. For instance, "How to Start a Business Online" is more specific than "How to Build a Successful Online Business."

This is due to "Starting a Business Online" being too broad, whereas "How to Build a Successful Online Business" clearly lays out the steps readers must take to be successful.

6: Use Keywords
  • Essential for SEO
  • Use relevant keywords naturally

For SEO, using keywords in headlines is crucial. However, avoid overusing keywords in your headlines at the expense of readability. Instead, try to naturally incorporate pertinent keywords into the headline in a way that makes sense.

For instance, the headline "5 Tips for Writing Effective Headlines" is effective because it contains the keyword "headlines" and offers concise, useful guidance.

7: Make It Unique
  • Stand out from the crowd
  • Come up with a unique angle or perspective

Making your headlines stand out is crucial in a world with so much content. Create a distinct perspective or angle on a subject to set your article apart from the competition.

For instance, you could write an article about "The Surprising Health Benefits of Yoga" rather than "The Importance of Exercise." This headline is distinctive because it emphasizes yoga's advantages, which are less well-known than those of other forms of exercise.

8: Use Emotion
  • Emotional headlines are more likely to be shared

The likelihood that an emotional headline will be shared and cause engagement is higher. Use language and expressions to arouse the reader's feelings.

A Mother's Grief is less emotional than "The Heartbreaking Story of a Mother's Loss," for instance. This is because "The Heartbreaking Story of a Mother's Loss" evokes a stronger emotional response, making it more likely to be shared and generate engagement.

9: Test and Experiment
  • Test different headlines
  • See which ones get the most clicks and engagement
  • Use what you learn to improve your headlines in the future

Try out a few different headlines to see which one performs the best. See which headlines for the same article generate the most clicks and engagement by experimenting with various headlines.

Keep a record of your outcomes and apply what you discover to future headlines. For instance, you could compare the headlines "5 Secrets to Being More Productive" and "10 Tips for Boosting Productivity" to see which one generates more clicks and engagement.

This will help you determine which headlines are more effective at reaching your audience.

10: Use Jounce AI, an AI Copywriting Solution
  • Make the headline writing process more efficient and effective
  • Use natural language processing and machine learning to create headlines that grab attention
  • Generate headlines that are more clear, concise, and compelling

It's worthwhile to take a look at Jounce AI, an AI copywriting solution, to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the headline writing process. To create headlines that attract attention and increase traffic, Jounce AI combines machine learning and natural language processing.

It can assist you in creating headlines that are more compelling, clear, and concise than ever.

It's important to make headlines count because they are the first thing readers will see when they encounter your content. You'll be well on your way to creating headlines that stand out and bring traffic to your website by using the advice provided in this article.

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