May 18, 2023

Introducing Jounce Art 2.0: A New Era in AI-Generated Images

Discover Jounce Art 2.0! Improved AI-generated images, new templates, and exciting upcoming features. Unlock your creativity, read more.

Hello Jounce community! Tyson here, and I'm thrilled to share an update on the remarkable progress our team has made in recent weeks. We've been working non-stop to develop new features, and today, we're proud to introduce the first of these – Jounce Art 2.0! This update focuses on elevating the overall user experience and providing you with even more captivating images, taking AI-generated visuals to new heights in quality and realism.

Introducing the AI Image Prompt Improver

As a complimentary feature to Jounce Art 2.0, we're also rolling out the "AI Image Prompt Improver" template.

Jounce "AI Image Prompt Improver" Template

This innovative tool makes it much easier for you to write impressive image prompts. While you don't need to use this template to generate high-quality images with Jounce Art 2.0, it serves as a valuable source of inspiration when you're trying to come up with detailed, imaginative descriptions for AI-generated images. By inputting a simple description, the AI Image Prompt Improver generates multiple variations, giving you a range of creative options to choose from.

Experience Enhanced Quality and Realism

With Jounce Art 2.0, the generated images are far superior in quality compared to previous versions. The flexibility of the aspect ratio makes it easy to adapt the image for different platforms, with multiple aspect ratios coming soon. In the video example scenario of promoting various types of cakes for a bakery, Jounce Art 2.0 provides a diverse selection of stunning cake images that can be adapted for various marketing materials. For another example, check out the examples below.

Jounce Art 1.0
Jounce Art 2.0
Prompt: A hiker wearing a red backpack and a wide-brimmed hat, trekking along a narrow mountain path with a breathtaking view of snow-capped peaks and a deep valley below.
Overcoming Challenging Areas

Jounce Art 2.0 is continuously improving, even in more challenging areas like generating text on images or creating images of people. When generating text within images, such as "Happy Birthday" on a cake, the AI is increasingly successful, although there is still room for improvement. Similarly, when creating images of people, the AI sometimes struggles with rendering hands accurately. However, with each update, you can expect these functionalities to become even better.

Incorporating Text in Images: A Work in Progress

As Jounce Art 2.0 evolves, one of the areas we're focusing on is the ability to incorporate text within images more effectively. While text generation in images is still a work in progress, we've made significant strides in improving this functionality. For instance, adding "Happy Birthday" text on a cake or "welcome home" on a door mat, is now more accurate than ever. We acknowledge that there's still room for improvement, and our team is dedicated to refining this aspect of Jounce Art 2.0 to provide you with even better results in future updates.

Jounce Art 1.0
Jounce Art 2.0
Prompt: A modern, sleek doormat with the word "Welcome home" embossed on it in a stylish, minimalist font, resting on a smooth, polished concrete porch of a contemporary home.
Personalizing Images for Your Target Demographics

One of the advantages of using Jounce Art 2.0 and the AI Image Prompt Improver is the ability to generate images tailored to your target audience. By using generic wording in your prompts, the AI generates a wide variety of images featuring people in different situations and demographics, enabling you to personalize your marketing materials based on the audience you're targeting.

Looking Ahead: Exciting Upcoming Features

We have big plans for Jounce Art, including a brand new user interface that allows you to generate four images at once, change styles, and select from a variety of aspect ratios. Plus, you can anticipate the quality to keep improving with each update. Our team has made incredible strides in just over a month, and we're eager to continue enhancing the Jounce Art experience for our users.

Discover the amazing potential of Jounce Art 2.0 and unlock your creativity! Stay tuned for more exciting updates and new features to come. We can't wait to see the incredible art you create using Jounce Art 2.0 and the AI Image Prompt Improver. Your feedback and suggestions are invaluable to us as we continue our mission to revolutionize AI-generated images and enhance your experience with every update. Happy creating!

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