May 24, 2023

Jounce Presents: Voice to Text - A Game-Changer in Workflow Efficiency

Discover Jounce's new Voice to Text feature - transforming spoken ideas into written content instantly. Enhance your workflow like never before!

Greetings, Jounce Community! Tyson here, back after a brief hiatus with some thrilling news. We've been pushing the envelope behind the scenes, and the time has finally come to share our latest innovation. Over the next couple of months, anticipate a cascade of enhancements, each designed to optimize your workflows in remarkable ways. So, let's dive in!

Today, we take immense pleasure in unveiling our brand new feature: Voice to Text. This tool is designed to transcribe your spoken words into text in near real-time, streamlining your content creation process like never before.

Experience the Magic of Voice to Text

Let's take a quick tour to experience how this feature enhances your creative process. Let's say we are building a blog post. Starting with the title, all you have to do is verbalize your thoughts. For example, stating, "The best 10 ways to use voice to text in marketing," our system promptly detects the pause, transcribes your speech, and inputs it into the appropriate field. In seconds, you have your blog title, worded exactly as you envisioned.

But that's not all! The system also allows you to define your target audience and the desired tone of voice - all using your voice. As an example, state 'Marketers' as your audience, and for a tone, we'd go with 'Conversational' - our personal favorite.

Leveraging AI Synergy

In mere moments, with a simple voice command, your input is recorded. And voila! Your idea is ready to come to life. It's all about the synergy of AI - the voice-to-text AI coupled with the natural language output AI, working in perfect harmony to simplify your creative process.

Now let's move onto commands, which opens up even more possibilities. For instance, you might want to generate marketing ideas for your B2B software as a service company named Jounce, specializing in AI, copywriting, and artwork. All you need to do is speak your thoughts into the system, and the AI gets to work.

The Power of Voice-to-Text Commands in Documents

We're not stopping at blog posts; the Voice to Text feature also works seamlessly within document creation. Let's demonstrate this with a new document titled 'Demo'. To flesh out the content, you might want an outline of a white paper on 'How to use AI in my marketing to dominate the competition'. Just verbalize your thoughts and watch as the AI generates content that aligns perfectly with your vision.

We're eager for you to experience the transformative power of these updates. Rest assured, this is just the beginning! A plethora of exciting features are on the horizon, each tailored to maximize your efficiency and streamline your workflows. As always, we look forward to your feedback. Enjoy the magic of Jounce's new Voice to Text feature, and stay tuned for more!

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