March 28, 2023

Write a long-form blog post in 5 minutes with Jounce AI

Learn how to write a long-form blog post using Jounce AI in less than 5 minutes with slash commands and templates.

0:00 Hey everyone, this is Tyson from Jounce, and today I'm going to show you how to use the document editor and its slash ai command.

0:09 So, let's go ahead and give this a name. Okay, now you have this unique slash command function that will bring up these templates.

0:21 So if I hit the forward slash and start typing something up, I can choose a template. So one-shot-blog post, for example.

0:32 we are going to add semantic search here soon. So by the time you watch this video, we are adding that if it is not already here.

0:41 So you can type in just generally what you mean, and it will find a relevant template since we have so many.

0:47 You can see how many we have here. There's a ton. So you know you're going to benefit from some semantic search, but I like to use a one-shot blog post, and I have to scroll down to it with the keypad, and I'm going to hit enter.

1:02 And let's go ahead and use the prompt that we see. So let's do ethical AI in marketing. And I'm going to say creative.

1:14 I don't have to add a tone of voice, but I will put it here. And then I'm going to say, chief marketing officers.

1:24 Okay, and I'm just going to hit enter now. Okay. And just like that. There we go. The longer posts, like the one-shot blog post and a few others, do take a little longer, but now I have this entire output here, and all I have to do is hit enter to keep it.

2:02 Now, if, for whatever reason, I want it to rewrite or I want to escape, I also have those options. But for now, I'm just going to hit enter.

2:16 And there we go. We have now added this entire one-shot blog post to the document. And what I'm going to do is I'm going to copy this headline, and I'm going to paste the headline there, and there we go.

2:35 Now, if I wanted to make this blog post longer, I could look through this and see where that might make sense.

2:44 But first, I'm going to clean this up. I want to break this up a little bit here.

2:49 I might add an image if I wanted to add an image here, so if I had an image ready to go, we could probably find something here.

3:05 Okay, let's add this AI-created image. Okay, there we go. We are going to move it up. Now we'll keep it there.

3:21 And this is a pretty short description here. So let's go ahead and take this. And I'm going to do a sentence expander, and I'm going to put that in and I'm going to say creative here.

3:40 Hit enter. And just like that, we have this entire post instead of this short sentence we had here. So I'm going to hit enter, and then we can delete this original one.

4:10 So now I've added a much more comprehensive output, so I can do that repeatedly as much as I want. If I wanted to add some more content here, I could come here and say that, you know, the impact of ethical AI and marketing, and let's go ahead and generate a complete outline for this.

4:39 Hit enter again. Okay, so I'm going to hit retry in this one. So I'm just going to click the R function.

5:17 Okay, that's a little bit more detailed there. So I'm going to keep that by hitting enter, and we can remove the headline.

5:23 We already have that. And let's look at this. So we have some other things that we didn't have before. So I'm going to grab this, and we can kill all that information.

5:36 Again, we're adding to the blog posts that we already had. So we have, what is ethical ai? How can ethical AI help your marketing strategies, etc

5:44 So, let's put that in there—the benefits of ethical AI and marketing. So what's, what's actually, take this and let's see if we can remove the bullet points and make that a heading too.

6:06 And now what's come here? Let's try sentence expander again. Let's say the benefits of ethical AI and marketing. And we'll say creative hit enter.

6:46 Okay, so just like that. Now I have an entire output based on just that one input. So let's go ahead and keep that.

6:55, I can do that repeatedly until I have a blog post I like. Now I want to read through this whole thing, which is to remove this for now.

7:03 I like to read through my posts, edit them, and fine-tune them because this is just really inspiring to give you a good, you know, percentage of your blog.

7:12 But you should add your details. So, for example, if we're talking about AI being used to automate your customer service inquiries, I might also want to do some linking.

7:23 So I could come here and say AI for customer service inquiries because we want to add some context. And this is AI and customer service.

7:34 So you should read through some of these. This is, you know, 11 examples of AI and customer service. So if I read that and it's something that I like, then I'm going to come here, and now I want to add some linking for my blog post.

7:47 So that's an excellent way to build it out. And once you're done, you can copy this whole thing, and it will retain its HTML structure.

7:55 So that is the fastest way to use the jounce document editor in the current private beta state. And we have a lot more coming now. For example, if you find quotes, you can come in here, and let's say we have a selection here.

8:17 You know, I might want to add some quotes as well. I might want to break, you know, a section down before I get to the con conclusion.

8:24 I might want to hit enter here and add a line break here. It's really up to us how we want to structure our blog posts.

8:35 But I'll leave it to you to play around.

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