June 13, 2023

Introducing the New Mobile User Experience at Jounce

Welcome to the new era of Jounce's mobile user experience! Enjoy simplified navigation and an intuitive toolbar for seamless operation.

Greetings Jounce community! It's Tyson here, and I am thrilled to unveil our brand new mobile user experience. The dedication and meticulous attention to detail of our product designers have resulted in a mobile interface that simplifies navigation across our plethora of tools, both currently available and those to come.

Jounce's toolkit now includes AI templates, documents, art, and the soon-to-be-announced AI chat, enabling you to work closely with your own automated marketing assistant.

A New Look, A New Experience

Let's take a sneak peek into this redefined experience. Imagine resizing your browser window to emulate the mobile browsing experience. You will notice a toolbar affixed at the bottom of your mobile browsing window. It hosts five different options: home dashboard (which will also receive a major update soon), templates, documents, art, and the upcoming AI chat.

You can effortlessly navigate through these options: create or edit documents in collaboration with your team, generate new content using templates, or even create unique art for your projects. The highly anticipated AI chat, however, will remain under wraps for now!

Simplicity at its Best

Focusing on the user-friendly nature of the interface, generating an output using a template has been made more seamless than ever. As you scroll down, you'll see the output area. This two-way scrolling feature enhances your workflow, eliminating the need for backtracking or clicking on dropdown menus.

The 'generate' button, located ideally for thumb usage on mobile devices, reveals real-time output generation. Action items are handily located at the bottom right of your screen, allowing you to act with precision and speed, irrespective of whether you're right or left-handed.

Updates to Navigation Bar

Moving to the top navigation bar, it has been redesigned to center on two primary actions: searching across the entire application and profile account settings. The search function has been revamped to store your recent files and searches, enabling quick access. Simply type in your requirement, like 'ebook', and jump straight into it.

In your profile account settings, a new menu, optimized for easy thumb navigation, lays out different options. Whether you need to check your usage or log out, it's all available in a user-friendly, mobile browser compatible view.

Embracing the Future

The goal of this overhaul is to enhance your efficiency and make your journey through the various tools provided by the Jounce AI Marketing Hub as smooth as possible. We recommend saving this browser tab on your mobile screen, giving you instant access on the go. We eagerly await your feedback on this revamped experience.

Thank you for your continued support. Do stay tuned for next week's exciting announcement!

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