February 14, 2023

How to Use Jounce's New Search Functions for Easy Navigation

Jounce has new search options, including global and template/dashboard specific search, with semantic search and upcoming quick actions.

0:00 Hey, what is up jounce community? This is Tyson, and today I'm going to show you the new search functionalities built directly into Jounce.

0:08 So first off, there is the global search option that you can find here at the top right. So when I click on that, you're going to get a list of the most recently used templates, documents, and eventually categories when you search.

0:22 So if I want to find a specific template, I can go ahead and type in something like "text summarizer," and there we go.

0:32 It uses semantic search. So I can do things like summarize, and it's going to know what I'm talking about. Even if I do sums, it still kind of guesses what I'm looking for.

0:43 Semantic search. So I'm going to click the down arrow key, and I can just hit enter, and that will take me directly to the template that I wanted to use.

0:51 You'll also be able to use this in the near future for quick actions like jumping to your profile settings, inviting team members, et cetera, as well as finding document information that's found on the document itself, not just the document title.

1:06 So a lot more is to come on the global search option. Second up is the specific search function on each major page, like templates and documents.

1:18 So if I'm on the templates page and I'm browsing for something and I want to look for, you know, "explain it to me like I'm a child," I can do that, or I can use "Just Child" here, and I can just go ahead and click on it.

1:30 Now I don't always have to rely on the categorization if I just want to jump to something specific.

1:38 Now I can also do this on documents. I can come here, and I want to look for that real-time writing demo I did in the last video.

1:45 So I'll just type "real time." We can just come here and put "demo," and there we go. So hopefully finding things within Jounce is now easier, and we're looking forward to getting your feedback soon.

1:57 Enjoy.

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